I'm out of the office until Wednesday 31st July 2013

I've recently been incarcerated in a foreboding, Gothic castle by my arch enemy, The Baron, so I'll be out of the office until I can make good my escape.
On first impressions, it might seem as if this is the end for me, but there are a couple of things that The Baron has overlooked which should help tip the odds in my favour:
1. The cell I'm currently being held in is very old and the bricks on the exterior wall have begun to crumble away.
2. I have secreted a plan of the castle sewers about my person, detailing a route down to a secret cove, where a small boat waits to spirit me away to freedom.
3. I have suffered a nervous breakdown and this clich├ęd scenario has been conjured from my troubled imagination.

If you need anything in the meantime, you must discretely contact Lindsay or Lou through the usual clandestine channels.

Trust no one.

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