I'm out of the office until Friday 29th January 2016

I'm hallucinating wildly about being chased buy a giant pair of trousers (button fly) and won't be back in the office until either:
a) I've come to my senses.
b) I've managed to lose them in the back streets.

If you need anything while I'm on the run, call on Lindsay and Lou.

I'm out of the office until Tuesday 26th January 2016

Whatever you do, don't drink from the bottle marked "special formula", unless, of course, you want to be out of the office until Tuesday 26th January.

I did, and now you have to call on Lou or Lindsay if you need anything.

I'm out of the office until Thursday 14th January 2016

I have a vivid memory of moving to a new school when I was young.
On my first day the teacher introduced me to the class and then asked if I'd stand and tell everyone something about myself.
Even at that age, I had a very clear idea of who I was and where I was going in life, so I stood up and announced that my name was Lenny and that I would be out of the office between 12th and 14th January 2016.
I said that if anyone was looking for help while I was away that they should contact Lindsay or Lou.

The teacher later remarked to my parents that I had a rare gift - perhaps in part because, at the time this happened, Lindsay and Lou hadn't been born.