I am out of the office until Friday 28th September 2018

Please print out and complete the form below. When you have done so, scan it and email it to Sam and Rosie.

I am in need of assistance in the absence of ...........................
(insert name of person from whom you need assistance)
Tip: you'll need to put my name in here.

I have already completed the requisite form declaring when I am absent from work until. You may find it useful, so here's a copy of the relevant section:

I'll be back in the office on Friday.

I'm out of the office until Monday 24th September 2018

I'm away from the office right now.

If you need to get hold of me, just turn to page 15 in the instruction manual and refer to the section entitled "I need to get hold of you, but you're out of the office right now."

If you don't have a copy the instruction manual you can contact Kristin.Rathje@Specsavers.com and she'll send you one.

Alternatively you can contact Kristin and ask her how to get hold of me.

I'm out of the office until Monday 17th September 2018

Someone left a package outside my front door this morning.
Inside was a box filled with (and I could hardly believe it) two days off work.
Neither of them was really my colour, but you know, gift horse and all that.

If you need anything while I'm off, you can contact Sam or Rosie.