I'm out of the office until Tuesday 29th November 2016

Welcome to this online course, which should help you to get up and running with knowing who's in the office and who isn't.

During the course you'll be familiarising yourself with a number of staff members and learning whether or not they are in the office.

Let's get started.

When looking to find out who isn't in the office until Tuesday 29th November, you should refer to this comprehensive list:


In addition to this, it's really useful to know who is in the office. That way you will know who to contact in case you need any help.
Here are your options:


Congratulations! You've successfully completed the course.

What to do next - you should think about building on the skills you've learned in this course by considering the following modules:

Swivel chairs for beginners.
Pen or pencil? How and when to use them.
The door - an introduction to entering and leaving.
Where's the toilet?

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